Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Do we need to reserve during regular opening hours?
A: No, that is not possible. You can just drop by. If you’re with a group of over 10 people we would like to be informed upfront. This gives us a chance to arrange some things.

Q: I don’t want to play any of the pinball machines. I just want to look around. Do I still have to pay the entrance fee?
A: Yes, if you just want to look around we still ask for an entrance fee, after all, it’s still a museum. With lots of education and pinball machines from the 1900’s.

Q: Can we play on the pinball machines?
A: Almost all pinball machines are playable, all the machines made before the year 1960 are just for seeing. If there’s a machine turned off it’s either one of the machines that’s just for seeing or it’s broken. And please, don’t turn the machines on, this could lead to harmful consequences for the machines.

Q: Do we need to put coins of some sort into the machines?
A: No, after you pay the entrance fee you can play all the pinball machines you want.

Q: You have 3 different prices. The 1,5 hour ticket, the 3 hour ticket and a daypass. I only have an hour worth of time, do I still have to pay the price for the 1,5 hour ticket?
A: Yes, you pay an entrance fee for, let’s say 1,5 hour. You’re not obligated to stay for 1,5 hour, you can leave whenever you want 😉

Q: Say I bought a 1,5 hour ticket, but I like it so much that I want to stay longer.  Could I extend my ticket?
A: Definitely! We get that it could be difficult sometimes to know if you’ll like it, so you can always extend your ticket. Although we don’t appreciate it if you buy a 1,5 hour ticket or a 3 hour ticket, and go way over your time. 

Q: There’s a  note on the newest pinball machines with ‘to play; ask the service desk’. How come?
A: We like to keep an eye on the new pinball machines, so every visitor will get a chance to play this machine and won’t be occupied by the same people the whole time. 

Q: Are we able to use a Museumyearpass and/or Rotterdampass?
A: No, we are a proprietary museum, so we never took the chance to use these passes. We try to keep our prices low, as you can already visit our museum for 8,50 euros.

Q: Do you sell pinball machines?
A: No, however we can give you some advice on where to look. If you would like the most recent pinball machines we can already link you to our headsponser Ministry of Pinball in Rijswijk.

Q: Do you repair pinball machines?
A: No, we’re too busy with the maintenance of our own collection, but we can give some advice on this too, so let us know if you have any questions!

Q: Can I donate a pinball machine to the museum?
A: Yes, in fact, we would be very happy with a pinball machine! However we can’t promise that they’ll end up with a spot in the museum. Although the machines with added value to our current collection will probably be placed in the museum. Pinball machines who have approached their last days will probably be demolished for components or be sold as a hobbyproject where the proceeds will be used to keep up the maintenance of our own collection. 

Q: Can I sponsor the museum in any way?
A: Yes, we have a wall in our museum where all sorts of companies have put up their logo’s as a way of promotion. This could happen with an amount of at least 100 euros. Ask for more possibilities. 

Q: I’m missing a FAQ in the FAQ, can I suggest a question?
A: We’d love you to! If not, we couldn’t have answered all of the questions above. We’re always open for suggestions. 

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